Who we are

“We are freelance translators, who united the efforts in order to work with not only simple, but also with more complex projects.”


What are our working languages?

We translate from German into Ukrainian and Russian – our native languages.


What services do we offer?


By translating we try to reach a maximal fidelity and transparency of translated text. Thuswise we guarantee the highest quality of the target text.


Editing and proofreading.

We check the accuracy of translation and correct semantic and logical, spelling and punctuation errors, misprints, stylistic and literary imperfections, defects relating to technical appearance of the text.




Why us?


Native speakers

We mainly translate into our native languages: Russian and Ukrainian.



„Jointless translation“

Thanks to extensive knowledge of German language and 5-year experience in the translation area we reached the point, where the translated texts are read like an original.

Technical understanding

We understand what we translate. Even if the issue is new to us, we thoroughly explore it and ensure the authenticity of translation and terminology consistency.




This principle means that translations are checked by two translators, what allows to exclude any mistakes and to guarantee the required quality.

Modern translation tools

Guarantee quality of translations, allow to speed up the translation process by creating translation memory and save time and money of the clients.




Texts, what we are working with, won’t be passed to the third persons, because we strictly adhere to the principals of information confidentiality.



Clients and feedbacks


“Very professional and reliable translator, good communication, deliveries on time.”

For Roman Levko from precisetext

“Very reliable and fast translator - always a pleasure to work with! Thank you very much!”

For Bohdan Velhan from techtrans

“Professional translator who provides high-quality translations in a timely fashion. We will certainly be collaborating with him again.”

For Bohdan Velhan from ad Verbum

“Professional, reliable, attentive to details always delivers on time.”

For Roman Levko from InText

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